Pure Talk

Voice communication is now all about flexibility and using technology to drive down costs.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is now all about prevention.  

SD WAN in the real world

As I’m restricted from talking about a retail specific game changer we have in the pipeline (more in a few months!) the focus has moved to another game changer that is much closer to readiness. SD WAN: this emerging technology is fuelling the growth of vendors offering products and services aimed at the software-defined WAN Read More

The sky’s the limit when you have the right people around you

Over recent months, Securus has entered the international communications market space. Driven by customer needs, we have deployed our services into Europe and the USA. At first, this seemed like a headache we could live without, throwing up questions from our stakeholders around remote management, physical presence in foreign locations and a general fear of Read More

Mergers & Acquisitions: does customer service suffer?

The usual suspects continue to jump on the Merger & Acquisitions bandwagon, cherry picking the best up and coming companies. However, it is happening more and more frequently (and I shall mention no names, to protect my legal position!) that the bigger company buys the smaller company, which has carefully cultivated their own positive reputation Read More