Is the customer still king?

Measure Quality image for customer service doc - 2-6-16

Why does it seem that personal service is a thing of the past? A former colleague of mine from Tiscali days once described fibre connectivity as a ‘race to the bottom’, price-wise. I have used that phrase many times.  It is true, you do have to add value, or at least that’s our thought process.  Working for other companies in my career, I have seen most things: the inward look to drive down costs or the huge investments to create a new service to add margin, hoping and praying people will want it. At Securus, we find that if you treat your customers with respect and provide them a service you’d be happy to receive yourself, then they will want to stay with you.

Although telecoms companies often appear successful on the outside, with high turnovers and innovative new products, not prioritising customer-centric strategies can prevent them from winning a loyal and enduring customer base. In spite of having ample resource, many industry leaders still fail to communicate effectively with their customers. On the face of it, the fibre connectivity market has an ever-increasing number of customers.  Keeping them abreast of new technology is one thing, but the customer service has to match up.

Granted, industries, especially ones as rapidly evolving and volatile as Telecommunications, must have innovation as the driving force to their roadmap: introducing great new offerings and value-added services to reflect the growing demand for its customers does increase the chances of having a loyal following. For companies making their living out of people communicating, many need to step up with regards to their customer service deliverables. What makes a company stand out is adapting the technology to the market you serve. In short, it’s about gaining customer credibility and trust.

At Securus, we think we have it covered, knowing exactly what our customers want, by offering competitive prices, greater coverage, excellent SLAs and perhaps most importantly, quality customer service. Securus offers wide-ranging, national and international coverage centred around a clustered data centre topology. Using this breadth of coverage and supplier base, we acknowledge that connectivity is even more critical in this day and age to business operations and we can, and have, built solutions that will guarantee 100% availability if required, using a wide range of access technologies. Our core data centre networks are designed to tolerate the failure of any link or piece of equipment, to achieve our goal of minimising downtime, addressing issues rapidly, maximising solution benefits and heightening the overall customer experience.

When making a decision, it’s important to remember that not all products come with an SLA for service availability, and only some business-specific products are fully resilient. Securus only offer products that are fit for purpose, backed by the right SLA, or resilient options to match the customer’s needs. It comes as a bit of surprise when you find that other companies just don’t do this!

As a managed communications aggregator, we are proud to be seen as a trusted technical advisor, building long-term relationships with our clients and acting as the single point of contact for IT support. Our processes adhere to best practice ITIL standards and we perform regular customer satisfaction surveys to continually improve performance levels. At Securus, the skills and efficiency of our dedicated support team sets us apart from the competition. Isn’t it time yours did too?

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By Brett Rowe, Managing Director, Securus Telecommunications