Our Support Desk – By the Numbers

During the months of June to September the Securus Support desk went under some rigorous analysis, and our findings are here:

  • 13 – The number of seconds on average it takes us to answer a call.
  • 70 – The percentage of issues resolved at first call
  • 18 – The minutes, on average for full fault resolution
  • 7 – The average length, in minutes, of an initial fault call
  • 100 – The percentage of customers, when questioned 24 hours after a call, which said they were happy with the resolution and process.
  • 3 – The number of customers that went to the effort of calling their account manager to express their thanks and appreciation of the support desk.
  • Impressive numbers we feel, we’re proud to be fanatical about our customer’s experiences.


A question for you, ‘How is your network operator doing?’
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