SD WAN in the real world

Control panel detail of a row of server cabinets with a computer network and digital displays full of data and numbers, and blue blinking lights and leds,  arranged in a rows around an aisle.  Servers are connected by a cloud shaped set of icons with symbols of services, activities and data driving a computer network and cloud computing cyberspace.  Communicating through the Internet of Things. Room is illuminated by blue light.

As I’m restricted from talking about a retail specific game changer we have in the pipeline (more in a few months!) the focus has moved to another game changer that is much closer to readiness. SD WAN: this emerging technology is fuelling the growth of vendors offering products and services aimed at the software-defined WAN architecture. Everyone is talking about it but not many have the solution ready for deployment. Those that do either focus solely on a global market, or misunderstand the market altogether, proposing a commercial model that no-one can afford

WAN connectivity used to mean that you either leased WAN connections such as Metro Ethernet or MPLS, or site-to-site VPN tunnels over the Internet. Whilst these options still work, Software Defined Networking (SDN) is changing the way networks are built and deployed, for the better. So let’s start with the benefits.

You get a server with routing and firewall software on board, some WAN optimisation software, multiple access type connection readiness (cellular, copper or fibre, for example) and in most cases, a couple of virtual servers for customer specific use.

What does all this mean? My router and firewall becomes a server not an appliance, that’s obvious. I get to optimise my bandwidth, making latency better or my internet experience faster. That’s interesting, but not a game changer. I can use three or four access types and the server is clever enough to determine which one is most efficient for the app/process I am running.  OK, this is sounding good now. I can use one of the virtual servers for file and print, so to print on the printer next to me, I don’t have to send my traffic to the cloud and back again. This is now very clever!

SD WAN not only simplifies the overall network but it reduces the number and complexity of the devices you need, giving you the freedom to choose who provides the bandwidth on a site-by-site basis. It is also easy and quick to install, reliable and secure. All for the price of your daily latte at your chosen coffee house…

So, what is stopping you? Securus Communications’ SD WAN solution offers a dynamic, scalable and versatile environment that lets you connect with staff anywhere, regardless of their access technologies. If you are looking for lower cost, higher bandwidth connectivity, give us a call on 03451 283457 and we’ll happily talk you through your options.