Core Network

Today’s customers expect visibility, control and exceptional service from their Managed Service Provider. By using the latest hardware and software technologies, all stored securely within our London or Manchester core data centres, Securus offers customers full geographic resiliency and impressively high performance.

Securus delivers, manages and supports advanced IT network solutions through our core network, allowing us to deliver scalable and secure network solutions. The beauty of Securus having our own network is that we give our customers a single commercial agreement with Quality of Service guarantees, as well as application performance monitored and controlled centrally.

The Securus core network has many benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management of all your network devices with a portal for you to see exactly what we see
  • Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides resilient, responsive management for  all your business applications
  • Flexible SLAs that cater for varying budgets and tailored requirements
  • ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited data centres


Network Bottom of Form Support

Securus aims to exceed customer expectations through our technical support services.  Our goal is to minimise downtime, address issues rapidly, maximise solution benefits and heighten the overall customer experience.

Securus’ technical helpdesk gives customers a timely resolution of issues because they are 100% committed to communicating and collaborating with our customers.

Some key support benefits include:

  • Easy access and a single point of contact -customers can easily and quickly access the support team when they have a problem, with no voicemail or delays
  • Fast response time – service personnel respond quickly to customer issues, get the right people working on the problem and communicating directly with the customer
  • Quick resolution – we are committed to resolving customers issues rapidly, with 70% of calls satisfied on the first call to the support centre.
  • Timely follow-up – once a major issue is addressed or a problem resolved, our support team will contact the customer to notify them of progress and how it was resolved
  • Ongoing communication – when a problem is resolved, we follow up with the customer to make sure that the resolution has addressed the issues appropriately