Managed Hosting

Securus provides a wide range of hosting services, allowing businesses to divest themselves of the ownership and management of their infrastructure, networks and applications. Most businesses these days do not want to invest in their own expensive computer rooms that can be inefficient and cost thousands of pounds to power and cool. IT teams are keen to focus on projects that add value, and whilst they still maintain ultimate control, they are happy for systems to be housed in data centre environments and entrusted to the care of external specialists.

Securus will provide managed hosting to whatever degree is required, and our services can be scaled up or down on demand, delivering a service fully customised to your needs. Securus is a ‘one stop shop’ of expertise, experience and buying power: we can select from a wide range of manufacturers’ hardware, build and test a solution with the relevant software, bundle it together with rack space, commission the requisite bandwidth and then manage everything for you to standards specified in a Service Level Agreement.

The result is a cost-effective, highly efficient IT solution that provides optimum performance, budgetary control and peace of mind.


Our data centres offer all the co-location facilities your business could need. We offer co-location from complete suites, servers and cages to single rack as well as half and quarter racks.

Securus provides full N+1 redundancy on power, cooling and connectivity and use non-ozone depleting air handling units. In addition, we provide non-destructive, automatic fire suppression. Our data centres have a state-of-the-art Building Management System (BMS) constantly monitoring air temperature, humidity and security.

Our London and Manchester core data centres are fully-managed and have a 24/7 on-site Network Operations Centre (NOC) as well as on-site security personnel. Additionally, we have access to nearly 200 other locations around the country, so we’d be happy to talk you through your options.