The sky’s the limit when you have the right people around you

***NOTE TO INSPECTOR: Source of reference map: Illustration was created on the 29th of March, 2013 using illustrator and Photoshop. 1 layer of data was used for the outline of the world map.

Over recent months, Securus has entered the international communications market space. Driven by customer needs, we have deployed our services into Europe and the USA. At first, this seemed like a headache we could live without, throwing up questions from our stakeholders around remote management, physical presence in foreign locations and a general fear of the unknown.

So we fell back on our standard processes, researched the markets areas where our services were most needed, talked with suppliers and selected the right partners. It sounds simple but not so easy in reality when you’re sourcing router suppliers and installers in Kuala Lumpur, for example.  The team showed outstanding diligence and professionalism in bringing new products to the portfolio and enabling the company to take orders for high speed fibre into new and previously unknown global locations.

We can now deliver to Timbucktoo as easily as London, with the same great support SLAs and, in most cases, guaranteed latencies between locations.  Couple that with our new SD-WAN service (more about that in the next blog) and we are helping to change the way comms are purchased on a worldwide scale.

At Securus, we believe that the diversity of skills and expertise in our people is one of our greatest strengths. It allows us to provide our customers with experienced engineers and technicians whose exposure to the rapidly changing world of communications has given them a wide and coveted skill set.

Our people are also why we’ve enjoyed incredible customer advocacy for so long. We value the longevity of our customer relationships enormously and, if you have a problem, we want you to feel as if you’re our only customer – whether you’re in the UK or Malaysia.

Equally importantly, we make it our priority to offer network services that represent excellent value for money and are backed by exceptional levels of support. Many global and UK carriers sound the same throughout the sales patter and, in the absence of any other tangible value, procurement teams often end up making a decision based on price alone. Our goal is to give each and every customer 100% trust in their network solution, so they can meet the shifting demands of their business, secure in the knowledge that their network solution will be competitively priced and that their provider will not let them down. A wrong decision on choice of network provider can impact all areas of the business, from contracts and delivery to change requests and critical uptime.

If you’re thinking about expanding your business globally and would like to know more about Securus’ managed network services and flexible, IT infrastructure solutions, call us for a chat on 03451 283457.