About Beale & Co

Beale & Co is a specialist commercial law firm providing expert legal services to the insurance, construction and professions industries. The firm has 130 employees, 100 of whom are fee earners, with offices in London (80 people), Bristol (25 people), Dublin (25 people) and Dubai (10 people). Beale & Co competes against far larger global law firms and has grown by 20% over the last 4 years. They are targeting continual growth across their UK, Ireland and Middle East geographies.

Beale & Co Situation

Beale & Co were in the market for an upgraded WAN and had set stringent criteria around reliability and resilience, with a real drive towards having truly technical help available from a new supplier. Joe Coffey, IT manager, explains the situation: “The growth and evolving landscape of our business presented technical challenges that drove us to review the market for new ideas and technologies to move with us.”

Beale & Co had some strict requirements with support and reliability at the top of the agenda, they wanted a supplier who could build the technology properly and be there whenever needed. Joe’s first route was to look for recommendations: “Our current hosting provider recommended Securus and we knew Brett Rowe from when he worked at a previous employer. It was a personal recommendation for their quality, and we invited Brett in to give us a steer on what they could do for us and at what price. We got to know him better, found out how he likes to do things at Securus, and it went from there really.”

Securus solution…

The technical solution was an MPLS network with 7 data connections. The London, Bristol and Dublin offices have diverse connections and the Dubai office has a standalone circuit. The rollout went about as smoothly as could be expected, as Joe tells us:

“They’ve managed to deliver on everything they said they’d deliver on. We had minimal issues switching to them, we cut over four offices, with seven data connections across them, in three countries. We only had an issue with one data connection out of seven and I’d consider that to be a huge success. Even the one that we did have an issue with, there was no lost work or downtime, it was rolled-back replanned and delivered in the next available maintenance window.”

“It’s all been really good, they’re really responsive when you need something, the support team they’ve got is great and they get things done. When we need to escalate or I need stuff done urgently, they’re always very available to me, no matter time of day or day of week. With one of our offices being in Dubai, where Sunday is part of the normal working-week, and the time difference is four hours ahead, that presents some issues. But if we’ve needed support from Securus at 5am on a Sunday morning, I’ve been able to bring them in and get things done, even before we’d fully moved onto their platform. Now that we’re on their platform fully, we’ve never needed to make that 5am call again!”

“We intentionally did it piece-by-piece to manage resources and manage risk. Securus was confident that we could have done it all together but because we’d had our fingers burnt by previous suppliers, we didn’t want to take that chance. But looking back now, with hindsight, I’m sure Securus would have been able to deliver that.”

Benefits and Why Securus?

The benefits to Beale & Co cannot be overstated. Joe describes the situation thus: “If you’ve got 100 fee earners charging by the hour and you’re down for 15 minutes, then that’s a loss of income in the thousands just for a brief outage. With the previous supplier, we had a number of issues in several offices where things weren’t failing over as they should be, and we had times when the whole system went down. We’d be down for over an hour, costing the firm a lot of money, but that’s not happened with Securus.”

Challenges are inevitable with any technology roll-out and in-life utilisation. Even there, the benefits of working with Securus are clear, as Joe continues: “We’ve had blips and then it will fail over to the backup line as it should do. We’ve never lost a total site and that was happening previously. Even if you take just the Dubai office, with the previous supplier, they’d be down from 6am on a Sunday until later that afternoon, taking out their whole working day and 10 fee earners couldn’t bill clients. We’ve not had that with Securus so the people in Dubai are delighted.”

“I don’t expect everything to work perfectly all the time, it’s technology after all. But when something does flap or break, I want the redundancy to kick-in and the office to stay up-and running. That’s what Securus has given us, along with the comfort-factor that we’ve had zero downtime so far. That gives us a good feeling of confidence.”

The stability and 100% uptime of the technical solution means that the firm has lost zero billing since they’ve been working with Securus. However, for Joe, the support and trust with Securus is just as important: “It’s the responsiveness. There is no misleading information. They don’t try to upsell. They’ll tell you what they think you need, they’ll prove it, they’ll say ‘there’s the metric to say where you need to be, we can increase it later if you want but for now, this is what you require. They’re more likely to come up with ways to reduce your costs compared to others who’ll try and add on stuff you don’t need.”

Overall, both Beale & Co as a law firm and Joe as their IT manager are very happy with the solution, the service and the personal relationship with the team at Securus. Joe sums it all up by saying: “I’d definitely recommended them to other companies and my peers, which is the highest praise that I can give.”

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