Brayleys Cars (Brayleys) is a family-run automotive dealer with showrooms across Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Surrey and London, all within the radius of the M25. Brayleys are proud to represent Dacia, Honda, Kia, Renault, Mazda and Mitsubishi, supplying high-quality vehicles to their customers and providing support throughout ownership with a wide range of aftersales services. They have 14 sites, 260 users and are a £200 million turnover business.

Drivers for change

Brayleys only had eight sites when they first started talking to Securus about their connectivity requirements. They needed to centralise their IT infrastructure and reduce the number of suppliers. Brayleys realised that the disparate logistics setup was no longer sustainable to manage and allow for easy expansion.

Resilience is key

Brayleys is owned by AW Rostamani Group, a $2 billion company based in Dubai, for whom a secure, reliable network is paramount. Two years ago, Brayleys built an MPLS core network and central firewall with redundancy, so now about 95% of their IT is cloud-based and they have migrated to Microsoft Office 365. Ian Rutter, Brayleys’ IT Group Manager, has worked with Securus before, and knew that they had a robust network. Securus’ knowledge and support was fundamental to the design and construction of the MPLS network, which is stable, redundant and secure.

The importance of reliable suppliers

Brayleys now have just six core, trusted suppliers for their IT services, one of whom is Securus. With such reliable providers, Brayleys have the blueprint for the entire IT infrastructure at any new site, so it doesn’t matter whether they have ten or twenty new dealerships – the blueprint is simply replicated.

A Robust Solution

Securus is responsible for the WAN infrastructure and security, managing and supporting the core network, up to where the router meets the switches. Brayleys’ have 24/7 access to the Securus NOC (Networks Operations Centre) but rarely need to make any calls out of hours.
Every site has a fibre line and FTTC backup and the firewall is redundant, reducing the risk of a single point of failure, and enhancing Brayleys’ resilience. Brayleys use Keyloop, the core dealership system which links into the website, all sales processes, accounts, marketing and payment transactions. Securus have a presence in two London data centres, which Keyloop have access to, so the data is kept inside the core network and firewall, not via the internet, for added resilience and security.

Exceeding expectations

Ian Rutter, IT Group Manager for Brayleys Cars, said,
“We selected Securus because they are a highly engaged, reliable ISP solutions provider. We could not
have managed the MPLS deployment without their support and expert knowledge. They really do go
above and beyond, and I view them as a valuable extension of our IT team.”

Rob Derbyshire, Director at Securus Communications, added,
“We undertook a comprehensive review of Brayleys’ network infrastructure, to improve connectivity and
business continuity. The opportunity grew from a basic WAN infrastructure to a pretty complex setup
over a period of time. We like to think that we’re a trusted pair of hands for Brayleys and look forward
to working with them for many years.”

Support and future plans

With regard to network management, the routers and switches belong to Securus, and they are in the process of installing PRTG, a software management system to monitor network performance. Securus allows Brayleys to access parts of the core MPLS system so they can monitor traffic profiling and bandwidth, giving them complete visibility. If anything were to go wrong, Securus will still be on hand to resolve any issues, as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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