Bristol Honda is the most comprehensive Honda dealership serving the South West. They offer a wide range of new and used cars, Honda Business and fleet options, Motability and financing solutions, as well as servicing and MOTs. Bristol Honda have four dealerships across the South West: Cribbs Causeway and Brislington in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff. Bristol Honda has a team of dedicated staff and experienced mechanics at each location and employs 110 staff across the four sites.


Today’s customers have high expectations of the car dealership experience, having grown up with digital technology. Whether they are calling to make an enquiry, waiting in the service area or engaging with staff, customers demand a reliable and efficient service. Bristol Honda prides itself on offering excellent customer service but they were finding that their internet connection was becoming increasingly slow as they expanded and demand increased. The bandwidth was no longer meeting their requirements across all four of their sites so they decided to explore cloud connectivity options.

The need for speed…

Cribbs Causeway is Bristol Honda’s primary site and the staff were becoming increasingly frustrated by the slow internet connectivity. Making and receiving phone calls was never an issue as the phone lines always took priority across the links.

Bristol Honda have been working with Securus Communications, a cloud and communications expert in the automotive industry, for a few years. They have evolved together and as Bristol Honda’s needs changed, they consulted with Securus about how to make their network infrastructure faster and more efficient.

There was a 2MB link in Brislington for internet connectivity at Cribbs Causeway. They needed phone lines, internet connectivity and a network that was capable of running the day-to-day operations efficiently and seamlessly. The 2MB link was not big enough to fulfil their current requirements so Securus suggested they move to the cloud.

By implementing a cloud solution, Securus identified that Bristol Honda would not only be speeding up their internet connectivity, but also reducing costs, mitigating risk and protecting against potential cyber attacks.

An effective cloud solution

Securus devised a plan for an integrated cloud solution, and helped Bristol Honda take advantage of the Government funding to install fibre connectivity. They now they have a 100MB link up and down at their Cribbs Causeway site giving them almost instantaneous connectivity. The Cardiff site has a 100MB link up and an 80MB link down, so internet speeds have improved dramatically.

The Bath site, which Bristol Honda acquired five years ago, is also connected to the cloud, as well as the two-year old Cardiff site, giving the entire dealership an integrated, end-to-end cloud solution. They can make phone calls between locations over the server, send faxes and emails, all at no additional cost. Bristol Honda also uses a sophisticated dealer management system, TS Automation, which is now connected to the server in Brislington, with 70 users.

Positive results

Securus provides an end-to-end integrated solution with one simple SLA. The cloud solution has increased connectivity speeds which has in turn improved staff productivity. A faster and more reliable internet connection over the network also enables Bristol Honda to answer the phones from any site (for example, a phone call from Cardiff can be answered in Bristol, and the customer is unaware).

Most of the calls come in through the main site at Cribbs Causeway, so if a customer rings Brislington, it goes through Cribbs Causeway but is then diverted automatically back to Brislington. Making changes to the call diversion is simple: if one site goes down, or a switchboard stops working, the phones can be easily diverted, with no impact on customer service.

Stephen Bowkett, Financial Director for Bristol Honda, commented,
“Securus have given us speed, resilience and excellent customer service. Minor IT issues are handled internally but if we need any network matters resolving – which happens rarely – Securus are very responsive and proactive. They understand our objectives and have generally helped make the day-to-day running of the business easier and quicker. I would no hesitation in recommending their network services to any other automotive business.”

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