Tinsdills Solicitors (Tinsdills) have been practicing law in Staffordshire and Cheshire in one guise or another for nearly 350 years. Today, they are one of the local area’s most experienced and knowledgeable law firms. They offer a broad range of legal services for individuals and businesses, including Family Law, Wills, Trust and Probate, Personal Injury and Compensation, Residential Property, Agriculture, Company and Commercial and Employment Law.

Drivers for change

Tinsdills now have four offices in Hanley, Leek, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Sandbach. They had utilised a VPN network for many years, then deployed a WAN network infrastructure in 2014. They were also looking to refresh and upgrade their internet connectivity. Their incumbent supplier was satisfactory, however when the Account Manager left, there was no continuity of customer service.

Choosing a new connectivity supplier

Tinsdills were given a positive word-of-mouth recommendation about Securus’ knowledge, expertise and service, so they got in touch. Tinsdills knew that they wanted a managed service with resilience and business continuity, at a competitive price.

Jaki Cooke, Head of IT Services at Tinsdills Solicitors, commented,
“Securus obviously knew what they were doing from the outset. I really liked their work ethic and how
they do business: they want to grow and expand, but without losing that personal touch.
Securus are incredibly knowledgeable and have a deep understanding of the connectivity challenges
that businesses face. It is only one small part of Tinsdills’ day-to-day IT infrastructure, yet it is the most
critical. Without stable, robust connectivity, we have no business! Their approach was very professional,
and they filled me with confidence from the outset.”

Deploying the MPLS

Securus implemented a fully managed MPLS solution for Tinsdills, across all four offices. Each site has dual Ethernet connections, providing highly resilient active/backup capability for each office. Tinsdills now have significantly increased connectivity capacity, but at a much more competitive rate. The additional benefits of MPLS are scalability, performance, better bandwidth utilisation, reduced network congestion
and an improved end user experience.
At the same time, Tinsdills also deployed a more comprehensive WiFi solution in all of the offices, having only had WiFi at the Head Office in meeting rooms before. Desktops were previously hardwired into the network, but now staff can use WiFi to work flexibly in the offices; it has enabled staff to bring their own devices. Multiple WiFi networks were deployed to ensure proper security segregation between trusted and untrusted devices.

Going over and above

When Tinsdills moved hosting provider in 2021, which was deployed over a weekend, there were a few challenges. It was not in Securus’ remit to help but Rob Derbyshire, Director at Securus, was on the phone to Jaki on a Saturday morning, offering his help and support to get the system up and running. Cooke continued,
“Rob is lovely – he really does go the extra mile, which is service you don’t get with many providers! Securus have never let me down: they work late at night and over weekends, doing whatever needs to be done to finish the job, even if it’s not part of their service offering. They always have our best interests at heart, and the level of service provided by Securus is outstanding. They always make sure that I’m totally happy with the recommended solution and they really stand out in a competitive marketplace.”

Peace of mind guaranteed

High speed internet connectivity, security and resilience were the top priorities for Tinsdills, and that is exactly what Securus delivered. Securus now supports Tinsdills on a 24/7, three-year contract. There is no single point of failure – Securus deployed a pair of HA firewalls in the core network, along with dual connections and dual routers to each site. This, coupled with multiple WiFi access points, provides Tinsdills with ultimate resilience.

Cooke concluded,
“The two directors at Securus, Rob and Brett, despite their seniority in the business, make sure they are always on the end of the phone, available whenever I need help. The support that Securus provides is priceless – they always give peace of mind as I know that every phone call, text or email will be answered and sorted instantly. I cannot fault the service we have received from Securus and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
Rob Derbyshire, Director at Securus Communications, added,
“We are pleased that Tinsdills trust us and rely on our support, which is reflected in the contract extension. It is always a delight to help Tinsdills with any IT issues, and I hope we can continue to do so for many years to come.”

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