The Metaverse: Will My Business Need It?

November 25, 2021By Andrew RadfordCloud Computing, Technology

The metaverse is an online digital social space where individuals and businesses can work, socialise, play, and collaborate across a multitude of devices. Users can enter virtual environments made up of interconnected themed worlds, which often include apps and games.  Although a digital avatar and a smartphone are all that is needed to navigate metaverse … Read More

Edge Computing Vs Cloud Computing

January 30, 2021By Andrew RadfordCloud Computing, Edge Computing

The rise of the two most popular computing models has created somewhat of an edge computing vs cloud computing debate. Although each model has its clear advantages, neither seems to be the ultimate magic-bullet for any situation. On initial inspection, the centralised design of cloud computing is the clear leader. The sticking-point of such an off-net solution … Read More

Choosing The Right Cloud Platform For Remote Working

May 15, 2020By Andrew RadfordCloud Computing, Technology

The recent pandemic of COVID19 has raised several business challenges surrounding remote workers accessing secure cloud computing services. Working from home has swiftly become the ‘new normal’, and many industry experts will be unlikely to change. Choosing the right cloud platform is vital to ensure seamless integration with remote working technologies and your overall network … Read More

IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS Review

June 4, 2019By Andrew RadfordCloud Computing, Reviews

Cloud Computing This IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS review will not only discuss the differences between these three main cloud based models, but will also cover the overall benefits of cloud services in general. Cloud computing enables the shift of your business data and compute power to hosted servers and applications located in one or … Read More