Spotting LinkedIn Scam Emails and Fake Job Offers

June 23, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

With over 722 million subscribers, it’s safe to say that most professionals use LinkedIn in some form, whether job hunting, networking, recruiting, or promoting a business. However, the same features that make the platform so popular and accessible make LinkedIn a significant security challenge.  Criminals create false LinkedIn profiles to perform social engineering attacks against … Read More

Ransomware and Data Protection: 8 of Your Responsibilities

May 29, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Ransomware, Technology

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the UK authority that upholds information rights and promotes openness from public entities and data privacy for individuals. UK businesses should inform the ICO when they experience a data breach. The ICO helps to guide organisations and individuals regarding ransomware and data protection compliance and provides steps businesses can take to … Read More

6 Steps to Greater Cyber Security Alerting & Logging

May 23, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

Cyber security alerting and logging are critical elements of any organisation’s IT security solution, becoming the vigilant eyes and ears needed to detect and recover from security events. It also allows your team to ensure that all devices and users accessing your systems comply with your organisation’s security policies. Most corporate security incidents begin from … Read More

Endpoint DLP: Everything You Need to Know

April 20, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a security component that monitors and intercepts the extraction of sensitive data from defined systems on your network. ‘Endpoint DLP’ extends these monitoring and protection capabilities to sensitive data stored on user endpoint devices. An efficient Endpoint DLP solution secures endpoints to prevent data leakage, misuse, loss or theft. DLP … Read More

What Is Spyware & How To Prevent It

April 18, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

Whether legitimate or illicit, spyware conducts surveillance activities that leave technology users open to data breaches and misuse of their private data. Malicious spyware can target and infect an entire network, compromising the data security of the whole business enterprise. This article contains an overview of spyware prevention and is aimed at both non-technical individual … Read More

Malvertising: Next Business Impacting Trend?

March 28, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Edge Computing

What is Malvertising? This form of malicious advertising is a growing cyberattack trend that injects malicious code into online digital ads. Due to the complex digital advertising landscape, it’s difficult for both users and publishers to detect. As the impacts on business reputation and ROI are significant, we present techniques that users and publishers can … Read More

Microsoft Defender For Endpoint EDR Guide

March 17, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

More employees are now working from remote locations than ever before, relying on collaborative tools to communicate with co-workers and share sensitive data. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint uses EDR to ensure that devices such as desktop workstations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are all protected. The critical role endpoints play also makes them central targets for … Read More

Securus News Roundup: Feb 2022

February 25, 2022By Rob DerbyshireCyber Security, News

This monthly news round-up has been collated by our cyber security partners CY-Q. We bring some hard-hitting articles that demonstrate the risk of ransomware, employee education, risk of remote working and insight to two CY-Q services, penetration testing & vulnerability scanning.  KP Snacks Hit By Ransomware The popular snacks giant, KP Snacks was hit by … Read More