Seven Use Cases where Low Latency is Key

February 22, 2024By Brett RoweAutomotive, Data security, Technology

With the ongoing demand for real-time business-critical applications like voice, video and the metaverse, the demand on network performance has intensified. Low latency is critical to all size of organisations because it directly influences the responsiveness and performance of systems, applications and networks. What is low, or network, latency? Network latency is a delay in … Read More

Choosing your cloud service – the inside track

February 22, 2024By Brett RoweCloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data security, LaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Technology

Managed application hosting is beneficial for organisations that want to offload the operational aspects of hosting, allowing them to concentrate on developing and improving their applications. It can reduce the burden of infrastructure management, enhance scalability and provide a more reliable and secure environment for running applications.

The next five years for data protection

June 20, 2023By Brett RoweData security, Technology

The next few years are likely to see significant advancements in data protection technologies and security practices as organisations address the increasing sophistication and complexity of cyber threats and compliance requirements. In this article, Securus delves into what the IT security future will look like. Greater use of AI and machine learning A Gartner survey … Read More