Malvertising: Next Business Impacting Trend?

March 28, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Edge Computing

What is Malvertising? This form of malicious advertising is a growing cyberattack trend that injects malicious code into online digital ads. Due to the complex digital advertising landscape, it’s difficult for both users and publishers to detect. As the impacts on business reputation and ROI are significant, we present techniques that users and publishers can … Read More

Edge Computing for Retail: Why In-Store Needs It

February 28, 2021By Andrew RadfordEdge Computing

The shift to online shopping over the last decade has introduced massive change to the retail industry. Up to 67% of millennials and 56% of gen-Xers now conduct most of their shopping online. Despite the uptake of online shopping, edge computing for retail can ensure that bricks and mortar stores remain business-viable. However, retailers need … Read More

Edge Computing Vs Cloud Computing

January 30, 2021By Andrew RadfordCloud Computing, Edge Computing

The rise of the two most popular computing models has created somewhat of an edge computing vs cloud computing debate. Although each model has its clear advantages, neither seems to be the ultimate magic-bullet for any situation. On initial inspection, the centralised design of cloud computing is the clear leader. The sticking-point of such an off-net solution … Read More

Edge Computing Benefits

May 31, 2019By Andrew RadfordEdge Computing

Introduction Unless you have been residing on a remote desert island for the past decade, the rise in popularity of cloud computing cannot have gone unnoticed. Having your data reside in the cloud where data, applications and compute power are all conveniently centralised has multiple benefits such as data sharing, centralised compute and cost efficiency. … Read More