Ransomware and Data Protection: 8 of Your Responsibilities

May 29, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Ransomware, Technology

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the UK authority that upholds information rights and promotes openness from public entities and data privacy for individuals. UK businesses should inform the ICO when they experience a data breach. The ICO helps to guide organisations and individuals regarding ransomware and data protection compliance and provides steps businesses can take to … Read More

Endpoint DLP: Everything You Need to Know

April 20, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a security component that monitors and intercepts the extraction of sensitive data from defined systems on your network. ‘Endpoint DLP’ extends these monitoring and protection capabilities to sensitive data stored on user endpoint devices. An efficient Endpoint DLP solution secures endpoints to prevent data leakage, misuse, loss or theft. DLP … Read More

Microsoft Defender For Endpoint EDR Guide

March 17, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

More employees are now working from remote locations than ever before, relying on collaborative tools to communicate with co-workers and share sensitive data. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint uses EDR to ensure that devices such as desktop workstations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are all protected. The critical role endpoints play also makes them central targets for … Read More

8 Fortinet EPP Features You Should Be Using

February 28, 2022By Andrew RadfordEndpoint Security, Technology

With cyberattacks on the rise, IT teams must use the latest tools available to protect network security and the sensitive business data it holds. Endpoints are often the entry vector through which hackers gain access, making endpoint protection (EPP) a critical area of concern. Fortinet’s FortiClient integration suite provides a robust and consistent EPP solution. … Read More

6 Methods Hackers Use to Bypass Two-Factor Authentication

January 31, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

Current best practices for security include Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for protecting sensitive accounts. For both business and personal accounts, the additional protection of requiring a code delivered via phone or email provides an extra layer of defence against cybercriminals.  2FA also includes other forms of authentication such as biometrics and physical tokens, for example. While … Read More

EPP vs EDR: Which Provides Best Protection?

October 25, 2021By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

The endpoints, or outer perimeters of your network, have no doubt multiplied over the last two or three years as your mobile workforce has expanded. Providing security for these endpoints has become a challenge due to these ever-increasing numbers requiring both security monitoring and updates. While every security vendor touts its own proprietary technology, the … Read More

7 Reasons BYOD Is a Security Nightmare

July 29, 2021By Andrew RadfordEndpoint Security

In an ideal world, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a good idea; letting staff use their personal devices for work can save businesses a fortune in device hardware costs of mobile phones and laptops. The problem we are now facing is that BYOD presents serious security challenges. With phishing, malware, and ransomware on the … Read More

Endpoint Security Explained

June 29, 2020By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security

With the explosion of remote and home workers at 49.2% in the UK (source), the number of endpoint devices accessing data on the corporate network is now greater than ever. Security implications increase exponentially with multiple devices requiring access to sensitive corporate data. According to the IBM 2018 Data Breach Study, the average time a … Read More