COVID-19 Remote Worker Enablement

May 5, 2020By Rob DerbyshireRemote Working, Technology

Unfortunately, Covid19 has impacted all of us, whether it’s with contracting the virus, or by the measures taken to slow the infection. Businesses and the public, in general, were not prepared for it, which hit us harder than foreseen. The government has done an outstanding job considering what they had to deal with, but there’s … Read More

The Evolution Of Remote Working

April 27, 2020By Andrew RadfordRemote Working, Technology

Due to the global reach of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies scrambled to fortify their IT infrastructures so that their workforce could work from home. The evolution of remote working is in full swing, although Securus has been remote working since 2012, and helping our customers do the same. Entire teams are now finding themselves working … Read More