SEO Poisoning: Does It Affect Network Security?

February 15, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

Google and other search engines keep information flowing through the internet, returning billions of search results every day. Everyone uses search engines for work, research, and entertainment, creating a fertile hunting ground for cybercriminals. SEO Poisoning is a growing trend that business owners need to be aware of. In addition to email phishing, cybercriminals can … Read More

6 Methods Hackers Use to Bypass Two-Factor Authentication

January 31, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

Current best practices for security include Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for protecting sensitive accounts. For both business and personal accounts, the additional protection of requiring a code delivered via phone or email provides an extra layer of defence against cybercriminals.  2FA also includes other forms of authentication such as biometrics and physical tokens, for example. While … Read More

What Is Consent Phishing and How to Spot It?

January 27, 2022By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Since 2019, the global workplace has experienced immense increases in the use of collaborative applications such as Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, Zoom, and Slack.  While these legitimate applications enable remote employees to remain productive and connected to co-workers, cybercriminals have seized the opportunity to launch application-based attacks called ‘consent phishing’ to gain access to company data.  … Read More

Ransomware Trends For 2021 Roundup

January 5, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Ransomware, Technology

While ransomware needs no introduction as a cybersecurity threat, 2021 demonstrated that cybercriminals could disrupt anyone from individuals, the private sector, and even governments. In 2021, cyberattacks hitting individuals, corporations and supply chains are on the rise. Ransomware attacks affected the ability of millions from accessing health care, fuel, and even the purchase of groceries. … Read More

Will SD-WAN Completely Replace MPLS?

December 30, 2021By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN, Technology

Compared to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) is said to be more cost-effective, secure, and resilient. Will SD-WAN replace MPLS? Of the two, MPLS is still the king of low latency site-to-site data transfer; This makes MPLS appear hard to beat, especially considering most new technologies require the fastest data transfer … Read More

Why Is Low Latency Important? 5 Key Areas

December 16, 2021By Andrew RadfordTechnology

With real-time business-critical applications such as voice, video, and even the evolving metaverse demanding even more from the network layer, low latency is becoming the latest technical challenge your company faces. So, why is low latency important? While eliminating latency isn’t technically possible, reducing it is most certainly achievable. At Securus Communications, we have rolled … Read More

The Metaverse: Will My Business Need It?

November 25, 2021By Andrew RadfordCloud Computing, Technology

The metaverse is an online digital social space where individuals and businesses can work, socialise, play, and collaborate across a multitude of devices. Users can enter virtual environments made up of interconnected themed worlds, which often include apps and games.  Although a digital avatar and a smartphone are all that is needed to navigate metaverse … Read More

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS): A Complete Guide

October 27, 2021By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Ransomware, Technology

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is an evolutionary way of providing firewall and network security as a cloud service. Traditionally, businesses have deployed Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) as appliances, needing to support the entire lifecycle of those appliances, including maintenance, upgrades, security patches, and hardware failure. FWaaS differs from the physical NGFW design model in that … Read More

EPP vs EDR: Which Provides Best Protection?

October 25, 2021By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

The endpoints, or outer perimeters of your network, have no doubt multiplied over the last two or three years as your mobile workforce has expanded. Providing security for these endpoints has become a challenge due to these ever-increasing numbers requiring both security monitoring and updates. While every security vendor touts its own proprietary technology, the … Read More

13 Tips to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Businesses

August 31, 2021By Andrew RadfordTechnology

As companies continue to expand remote working operations, they must re-evaluate security weaknesses to prevent cyber attacks and data theft. The speed at which organisations have transitioned to cloud services has also spawned new challenges in protecting vital business information. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed gaps in security that few could have predicted. These gaps … Read More