Colocation Services

The efficiency and success of your business relies on fast, reliable and secure access to your data. And to ensure high availability, you need to be able to rely on resilient, redundant infrastructure that houses your data.

How Securus can help

Securus provides secure, resilient and flexible colocation services predominantly from our five data centres, located in the UK. Our colocation solutions allow you to host your IT servers in our specialised data centre facilities which provide power, cooling and connectivity in a secure environment, so that you can focus on your business goals.

By relying on our colocation data centres, you can also eliminate the capital expenditure of building and maintaining your own facility, or allocating space in expensive offices, while retaining ownership and complete control of your physical servers.

Available in a wide variety of space, power and connectivity configurations, our robust colocation services are tailored to your exact requirements, and are backed by exceptional, industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

High-Speed Internet Access and Connectivity

Our data centre facilities all offer full N+1 redundancy. We offer robust internet connectivity through multiple high-speed links to ensure low-latency and high-bandwidth access. The ability to hand off internet traffic to LINX or Lonap is built into our solutions.

Rack Space Specifications

Our colocation services provide customers with a designated amount of rack space to house servers and equipment, ranging from complete suites, servers and cages, to single racks, as well as half and quarter racks. The choice is yours. Options around power consumption are available and we suggest a tailored package to minimise costs.

Network Redundancy

Multiple network connections and diverse routing paths enhance reliability and minimise the impact of potential network failures. The continual investment in the Securus Core network guarantees uptime and offers very low latency connectivity. Securus offers a 100% availability SLA on our services.

Power Redundancy

Our data centres offer full N+1 redundancy on power, including backup generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, to ensure continuous operation and to minimise the risk of downtime.

Cooling Systems

Securus’ data centres feature advanced cooling systems, with full N+1 redundancy on cooling. They use non-ozone depleting air handling units to maintain optimal operating temperatures for your equipment. Our newest facility also has the latest liquid cooling technology.

In addition, we provide non-destructive, automatic fire suppression and a state-of-the-art Building Management System (BMS) constantly monitoring air temperature, humidity and security.

Fire Suppression

Our data centre facilities are equipped with advanced fire suppression systems to mitigate the risk of fire-related incidents.

Security and Management

Our core data centres are fully-managed and have a 24/7 on-site Network Operations Centre (NOC), as well as on-site security personnel to protect your valuable assets.

Access controls, surveillance systems, and biometric authentication mechanisms safeguard the physical infrastructure from unauthorised access in the majority of the facilities.

If you would like to discuss your colocation requirements in more detail with one of our IT experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.