Unfortunately, Covid19 has impacted all of us, whether it’s with contracting the virus, or by the measures taken to slow the infection.

Businesses and the public, in general, were not prepared for it, which hit us harder than foreseen. The government has done an outstanding job considering what they had to deal with, but there’s still a long way to go.

Things are showing signs of improvement because many people have adhered to the warnings and measures to do their bit. Special thanks should be directed to those who have done what was necessary, in particular, the fantastic staff within the NHS.

Problems Surrounding Remote Working

Every business we have spoken to since this outbreak (and enforced measures) began have faced similar problems. I have summarised them here, and although there are many other versions of how to organise the chaos, for me at least, these seem to ring true. 


How do we know employees are productive at home?

Can we monitor activity, support them real-time, identify concerns early?


How can we ensure that what employees are using fits their flexible working habits?

Can we help them manage voicemails, call queues, call routing, access to systems?


Are employees using tools that are right for them and are easy to use?

Can we give them quick, simple access, a great mobile experience?


How are employees adapting to home working?

Can we help them use tools available to them, support them virtually, train virtually, collaborate with whomever they need to?


Are companies giving employees tools that are reliable and secure?

Can we build confidence in what they use, ensure continuous uptime, remove fears of security?

Remote Working Solutions

Many technology companies are realising this and offering support to those in need. Most of which are approaching this as a non-profiteering route.

At Securus, we are also committed to supporting and providing reliable tools and services to allow users to seamlessly work from anywhere, overlaying both security and communication collaboration tools.

If you or your company are forced to work from home over the coming weeks, (potentially a few more months), there are numerous solutions out there. Many are offering free of charge, no strings attached, services to use, for a limited time to help keep you and your teams connected.

Through this ever-changing landscape, it’s never been more confusing to know which the right tools are to support your employees. It’s more important than ever to have something reliable, but at the same time addresses the points mentioned above.

Securus can help you with a no-obligation initial consultancy discussion about the needs of your business and your employees and come up with a solution that fits you.

We have solutions in our portfolio that can support you with:

  • VPN into a private network, securing your data.
  • Endpoint-protection for your employees, wherever they are.
  • Voice systems from a single VoIP phone, to full-blown VoIP with contact centre integration, and everything in between.
  • Private cloud systems with quick, secure and easy to deploy systems that can scale up and down with the needs of your business.

For those businesses requiring deep insight into their interactions with customers, robust AI tools can interrogate calls between customers and your team and determine the sentiment and reason for why they called. These tools can help you engage your customers more effectively and support your staff more closely.


So, with all this confusion, chaos and uncertainty, it’s essential for all business, big and small, to look at these concerns and act. If not now, then at least consider for the future, because we now know that there are other incredibly disruptive possibilities out there and keeping the wheel spinning has never been more evident.

We at Securus are here to help and want to support our community, provide support, help remote workers feel connected, and ultimately keep the productivity engine running. Get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about how we can deploy our myriad of services to enable you to work smarter, more effectively, and better support your customers and team. 

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