IT Solutions for the Automotive Sector

Over the past few decades, the automotive industry has changed rapidly, with recent technology innovations transforming how value is delivered to customers. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovation and improvements. With a wealth of experience in the automotive industry, Securus is here to help.

Network connectivity
With the increasing use of technology, dealerships must have adequate bandwidth to handle the traffic generated by their systems. Historically, data upgrades would simply be installed on CDs in the boot of a vehicle. As the volume of data generated by car dealerships continues to grow, they require faster and more reliable internet connectivity to keep up with the demand.

Securus’ connectivity solutions can be fully managed service, and we continually test and manage network performance for peace of mind. Our services are backed by exceptional, industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

Case Study – Brayleys Cars
Brayleys Cars is a family-run automotive dealer with showrooms all within the M25 radius. Brayleys represents Dacia, Honda, Kia, Renault, Mazda and Mitsubishi, supplying high-quality vehicles to their customers and providing support throughout ownership with a wide range of aftersales services. They have 14 sites, 260 users and are a £200 million turnover business.

Brayleys only had eight sites when they first started talking to Securus about their connectivity requirements, with a requirement to centralise their IT infrastructure. Securus built an MPLS core network and central firewall with redundancy, meaning about 95% of their IT is now cloud-based. Securus’ knowledge and support was fundamental to the design and construction of the MPLS network, which is stable, redundant and secure.

Securus is responsible for the WAN infrastructure and security, managing and supporting the core network, up to where the router meets the switches. Brayleys’ have 24/7 access to the Securus NOC (Networks Operations Centre) but rarely need to make any calls out of hours. Every site has a fibre line and FTTC backup and the firewall is redundant, reducing the risk of a single point of failure, and enhancing Brayleys’ resilience.

Ian Rutter, IT Group Manager for Brayleys Cars:
“We selected Securus because they are a highly engaged, reliable ISP solutions provider. We could not have managed the MPLS deployment without their support and expert knowledge. They really do go above and beyond, and I view them as a valuable extension of our IT team.”

Gigabit leased lines
ADSL/FTTC products are no longer capable of delivering the high-speed connectivity and low latency required for real-time data updates. Gigabit leased lines are the minimum requirement. They offer a dedicated connection that can support high bandwidth applications and data-intensive processes, giving car dealerships the bandwidth to download and upload data quickly and efficiently.

Whilst leased lines are more expensive than traditional broadband services, they offer faster speeds, better reliability and dedicated bandwidth. The connection is not shared with other users and provides a more secure, consistent performance.

Cloud services
Vehicle manufacturers and car dealerships must focus on delivering a seamless customer experience to maintain a competitive edge. Along with technology advances, car dealerships need sufficient connectivity to keep up with the sheer volume of data refreshes. Much of the data required to stay up-to-date is downloaded from the manufacturer’s cloud set up. Cloud services offer scalability and flexibility in handling data storage, processing and application hosting, and are increasingly used in connected vehicle platforms and data analytics.

Cloud infrastructures also enable car dealerships to increase their capacity as and when workload demands. Office expansion across multiple sites can be implemented quickly, with reduced hardware investment and set-up costs.

Virtualisation technology allows organisations to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server. By consolidating multiple servers, hardware and maintenance costs can be lowered. Virtualised environments are also highly flexible and scalable, allowing administrators to quickly create, clone or scale virtual machines when required.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things (IoT) technology allows vehicles to be connected to the internet and exchange data with other devices. It enables a range of features such as remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and real-time traffic updates. This trend is being driven by the increasing demand for connected and convenient vehicles, as well as the growing awareness among car manufacturers of the benefits of IoT technology for improved vehicle performance and an enhanced driving experience.

When data is moved from a data centre location to a car dealership, it increases the risk of being hacked, so security protection is critical to protect against unauthorised access or theft. Car dealerships hold a plethora of sensitive data, including customer information and financial records.

Only by developing and implementing an integrated threat management strategy can you mitigate internal and external security breaches. Securus can help with all aspects of threat management and prevention. Robust security measures – including virtual private networks (VPNs) or SDWAN, dedicated private circuits, firewalls, end to end encryption, access controls and intrusion detection systems – can address any known vulnerabilities and safeguard connected vehicles and data.

We monitor the network infrastructure for signs of malicious activity, then respond quickly to any incidents that may occur. Securus also has vast experience in email security solutions and can support the deployment of spam filters, anti-phishing software and email encryption.

Endpoint security solutions, such as antivirus software, anti-malware software and patch management tools, help to protect your endpoints (including desktops, servers, laptops and mobile devices) from cyberattacks. Securus will centralise the monitoring of on-premise or remote endpoints, providing complete transparency of your infrastructure, in whichever dealership your employees are located.

Voice services
Reliable, secure and feature-rich telecommunications solutions are essential for the smooth running of a car dealership or manufacturer. At Securus Voice, we provide Hosted Telephone Systems and strive to provide excellent levels of customer service and high quality solutions, at competitive prices.

How Securus can help
Car dealerships and manufacturers need to keep up with the demands of the digital age and offer customers a seamless experience. Securus understands the requirements, and we have been rolling out Gigabit internet and managed IT services to our customers for many years. We can help you upgrade your equipment or invest in dedicated network infrastructure to handle the increasing demand for data updates.

If you would like to discuss your IT requirements in more detail with one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or call us on 03451 283457.

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