IT Solutions for the Hospitality Sector

Reliable and efficient technology is essential to maintain a seamless customer experience in the hospitality sector and to keep services running efficiently and securely.

The hospitality sector has seen significant technology advancements, helping to improve guest experiences, streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. However, robust IT solutions are required to remain competitive, especially in the face of increasingly demanding hotel guests who have more options available than ever before.

At Securus, our experienced IT support experts can provide reliable, 24/7 support for all of your systems and IT infrastructure needs.

Network Connectivity
WiFi is crucial for smooth business operations and guest satisfaction, who expect at least as good an experience as they get at home. A robust IT infrastructure will future-proof your business operations and ensure reliable internet connectivity, enabling seamless access to online resources and communication tools. Securus’ connectivity solutions give you access to a fully managed service, and we continually test and manage network performance. Our services are also backed by exceptional, industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

Network Monitoring
Our team can monitor your IT systems 24/7 and will be alerted to any issues that may arise. We can monitor the network’s performance, including bandwidth usage, latency and packet loss. In addition, we can track Wi-Fi connectivity, speed and reliability, identifying issues quickly to maintain guest satisfaction.

Traffic analysis can identify unusual or suspicious activities that could indicate security breaches or unauthorised access. We will monitor firewalls, gateway devices and intrusion detection, and prevention systems (IDPS) to ensure they are properly configured and functioning to protect from external threats, such as malware, phishing and unauthorised access attempts.

Hospitality businesses need effective communications to enhance the client experience, with integrated telecoms functionality such as room service, simplified check-in/check-out and wake-up alarms. At Securus Voice, we provide Hosted Telephone Systems and we strive to provide excellent levels of customer service and high quality solutions, at competitive prices.

Cloud Services
A cloud-based infrastructure can bring multiple benefits to the hospitality industry. Securus can help to ensure you have the right systems and infrastructure needed to support a cloud IT delivery model, using either a private, hybrid or public cloud service.

You can avoid the high upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining physical servers, and benefit from pay-as-you-go pricing models, where you only pay for the resources you use.

Cloud solutions offer robust data storage and security measures, which is important when dealing with sensitive customer data like personal information and payment details. Cloud providers can offer advanced encryption, backups and security protocols.

A cloud infrastructure allows you to easily scale resources up or down based on demand, for example, expanding your reservation system during peak times to optimise costs and performance. Cloud-based tools also facilitate collaboration among employees and partners, allowing for better coordination in planning events, managing reservations and delivering services. Instant messaging and video conferencing enable more efficient administration and staff collaboration.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform the hospitality industry by changing how hotels, resorts, restaurants and other leisure service businesses gather data, interface with users and automate processes.

IoT devices are increasingly being used in hotels for guest amenities, energy management and other operational processes. IoT can play an important role in ensuring the highest level of security at hotels, as smart locks and security solutions can detect any suspicious activities and unauthorised movements.

AI cloud computing can be embedded into the IT infrastructure to help automate routine processes and streamline workloads. Chatbots provide the flexibility to implement guest messaging and free up staff time. Chatbots can also drive revenue in the booking process and deliver better customer experiences through concierge services.

Virtualisation technology allows hotels to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server. By consolidating multiple servers, hardware and maintenance costs can be lowered. Virtualised environments are also highly flexible and scalable, allowing administrators to quickly create, clone or scale virtual machines when required.

Access Control Systems
An effective hospitality security solution needs to include hotel access control systems to ensure the safety and security of guests and staff. At Securus, we can implement NAC solutions with FortiNAC from Fortinet, to create a natural extension of your network. You can quickly and easily run reports, showing important information such as staff movement and time-keeping.

Hotels are particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. As technology becomes more advanced, so does cybercrime. Maintaining cyber security is of critical importance for the hospitality industry, given the sensitive customer data, financial transactions and interconnected systems involved. A recent report by Accenture showed that just five industries account for more than 60% of all cyberattacks. Travel and hospitality is one of them, with 9% of all attacks targeting this sector. In many ways, data is the company’s most important asset. A breach could have enormous impact on customer confidence.

Hospitality organisations need to prioritise employee training and awareness around cybersecurity best practices, for example, recognising phishing attempts, setting a minimum 2FA password strategy and reporting suspicious activities promptly. Regular training sessions and comprehensive penetration testing, such as simulated phishing exercises, should be carried out to improve overall security awareness.

From anti-malware, anti-phishing, SEO poisoning, and 2FA to SASE and cloud-based air-gap immutable backup storage, Securus has a cybersecurity solution to suit your requirement and budget.

Endpoint Security
Endpoints, including hotel computers, PoS systems and mobile devices, are common targets for cyberattacks. Hotels need to adopt advanced endpoint protection solutions such as antivirus software, anti-malware software and patch management tools to help to protect endpoints from cyberattacks. Securus can centralise the monitoring of on-premise or remote endpoints, providing complete transparency of your infrastructure, wherever your employees are based.

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