The next five years for data protection

June 20, 2023By Brett RoweData security, Technology

The next few years are likely to see significant advancements in data protection technologies and security practices as organisations address the increasing sophistication and complexity of cyber threats and compliance requirements. In this article, Securus delves into what the IT security future will look like. Greater use of AI and machine learning A Gartner survey … Read More

PoS Malware & RAM Scraping: A Retailer’s Nightmare

March 17, 2023By Brett RoweCyber Security, Technology

Retail PoS (point of sale) systems are responsible for processing customers’ payments and are able to scan credit cards so that customers don’t have to pay with cash. As a society, we generally carry far less cash today, relying more on debit or credit cards as a convenient, fast and ostensibly secure form of payment.

Endpoint Protection and Why You Need it

February 23, 2023By Brett RoweCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

Whilst remote and hybrid working models proved effective during the global pandemic, they also opened up a range of challenges for IT and cyber security departments. Today’s workplace comprises a combination of office-based, remote and hybrid workers who are increasingly using their personal devices in order to work remotely, from anywhere.