What is Website Clone (or Phishing) and 6 Ways to Protect Your Business Website

February 6, 2023By Brett RoweCloud Access Security Broker CASB, Cyber Security, Technology

According to research by The Anti Phishing Working Group, attempts at scams using Phishing and Social Engineering have tripled since 2019. It is no wonder that Phishing scams are one of the most common methods of attack today and also one of the most profitable for threat actors. Thousands of users, companies and employees are … Read More

Mobile Traffic Has Exceeded Wired: 9 Reasons Why

January 5, 2023By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Cisco predicted that the number of mobile-connected devices per capita would reach 1.5 by 2022. As 2022 comes to a close, we see that figure as accurate as mobile traffic exceeded wired. Cisco goes on to say that Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) connections are increasing more rapidly than other categories as 4G networks continue to improve and the … Read More

7 Retail Cybersecurity Threats Causing Lost Revenue

December 30, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

Now more than ever, retail cybersecurity threats are causing lost revenue as cybercriminals are focusing on the retail industry, launching cyberattacks and data theft on retailers as well as their customers. The eCommerce industry was steadily growing; however, the onset of the covid-19 pandemic created the demand that expanded online shopping so quickly that IT … Read More

Encrypted Malware: Next Generation Threat?

December 16, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

Security analysts have calculated that over 90% of all internet traffic is now encrypted. While data encryption is essential for privacy and confidentiality, it does create dangerous blind spots in security due to malicious activity such as encrypted malware. Antivirus suites and firewall systems monitor potential threats, though they cannot easily detect malicious malware lurking … Read More

9 Major Types of Malware Payload (Quick Guide)

November 29, 2022By Andrew RadfordTechnology

In the post-Covid era of mobile computing, an increasing number of different types of malware are being used by cybercriminal gangs. Even after offices reopened their doors, remote workforces are still expanding, creating more endpoints on every network. More users and endpoints mean more opportunities for hackers to deploy their malware. What’s more, attack types … Read More

What Is Scareware (& How To Prevent It)

November 8, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

What is scareware? Scareware is a social engineering scam that exploits people’s fear of losing access to their devices and data. This rogue program has been wreaking havoc for decades, most likely back to the 1990s, and can be installed on a user’s device via malware. Appearing on a user’s screen via a pop-up message, … Read More

29 Cybersecurity Terms You Need To Know (Today)

October 31, 2022By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Technology

With cyberattacks constantly increasing and evolving daily, there are an increasing number of cybersecurity terms you need to know to ensure you keep safe in the digital age.  While the following glossary is not comprehensive, it does contain 29 fundamental cybersecurity terms and their definitions to help you better understand the concepts and best practices … Read More