There’s a growing shift in IT as organisations are realising that data is their most valuable asset. Securus provides end-to-end security solutions to help maintain IT integrity.

Your data is unique to your business and is irreplaceable, so your IT infrastructure needs to be robust, resilient and able to recover quickly should the worst happen.

Only by developing and implementing an integrated threat management strategy can organisations mitigate security breaches.  Securus can help with all aspects of threat management and prevention through proper threat research and scanning, monitoring the network infrastructure for signs of malicious activity, then responding quickly to any incidents that may occur. We offer tailored solutions covering both internal and external threats and give a constant review methodology to ensure new threats are detected early.

If network connectivity fails, the consequences can be disastrous, whether through lost revenue or reputation, so it’s essential to deploy a resilient solution with a back-up circuit.  Securus provides a range of backup solutions and can deploy a multi-carrier design for added resilience.

Securus will also recommend and implement the most appropriate firewall solution for your business and has built a large firewall cluster that can allow you to share hardware with your own rule sets.  Dedicated or shared, we decide together.