This monthly news round-up has been collated by our cyber security partners CY-Q. We bring some hard-hitting articles that demonstrate the risk of ransomware, employee education, risk of remote working and insight to two CY-Q services, penetration testing & vulnerability scanning. 

KP Snacks Hit By Ransomware

The popular snacks giant, KP Snacks was hit by ransomware at the start of this month which caused huge disruption for KP’s supply chain. It is believed that the ransomware incident was the work of the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) group ‘Conti’, which is known for other high profile ransomware attacks on targets such as Ireland’s Department of Health, and more recently, the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia. 

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The Rise Of MFA Fatigue 

MFA Fatigue refers to the overload of notifications or prompts via MFA applications. A common method that is actively being used by malicious hackers, and penetration testers. Once a user’s account credentials have been compromised, the hacker will attempt to use those credentials on common cloud services such as Office 365, AWS etc.

If those credentials are correct, then the hacker may be able to spam push notifications to the victim to approve the sign-in request. Daniel Woolgar, the Managing Director of CY-Q said “we have used this method to gain entry on multiple penetration tests. Whilst you could have the best technical measures in place, ultimately, it is your team who are your first and last line of defence.” 

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Homeworking Drives 44% Surge In Insider Threats 

working Drives 44% Surge In Insider Threats 

Did you know, that insider threats cost organisations an average of $15m to remediate last year? Proofpoint’s recent report of ‘2022 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report’ said that stolen credentials are a growing risk. The report also highlighted that malicious intent is also a major cause of insider threats which accounted for 26% of incidents at an average cost of $648,000 to remediate.

Robert Stokes, CTO at CY-Q said “The adoption of home working has created new challenges for businesses as access to data and internal systems have become more widely available. Companies must be actively reviewing their access control policies to assist in minimising the scope of potential risks. ”

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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning – What is the difference?

Have you ever wondered what the differences between Penetration Testing and Vulnerability scanning are? Recently, CY-Q published a blog on the subject. It covers the differences between the two methods, as well as their uses and benefits.

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