Please see below for current and past incidents.

If you have an issue which you believe isn’t affected by a current incident, then please contact our Support Team on 03451 283458.

23 Dec 2023

Previous issues impacting our usual support number of 03451 283458 have now been resolved and calls to this number will now correctly route to the support desk

22 Dec 2023

We’re currently experiencing a number routing issue with BT and for customers on some fixed and mobile networks, our usual support number of 03451 283458 won’t work. While we wait for BT To fix this, support can be contacted on 01256 239029

Thank you

25 Oct 15:05

We have re-routed traffic away from the affected fibres and can see services recovering. Please raise a fault in the usual way if you have any ongoing service issues

25 Oct 2023 - 12:30

Latest update:

Unfortunately an upstream supplier has incorrectly requested disconnection and ceasing of multiple fibres. We are working with the supplier and datacentres to reinstate this, but we do expect disruption for a prolonged period. We will update as new information comes in

25 Oct 2023

We are presently experiencing issues in conjunction with a Major Service Outage with an upstream provider. Services are disrupted at this time. We will update this page to reflect resolution progress as we receive and apologies for the ongoing loss of service in the interim

12 June 16:15

The upstream provider has now issued an all clear notice, and we are satisfied that connections are no longer at risk.

Thank you for your patience

12 June 13:07

We're seeing services recover as of 12:50. We're still working with the carrier for further detail and acknowledgement of a full resolve. As such, please consider services to be at risk of further disruption until such time as a 'fix' is declared.

Thank you for your patience

12 June 2023 12:45

we believe an upstream carrier is experiencing a Major Service Outage presently. We are working with them to understand duration / impact.

Updates to follow

09 Dec 2022 - 10:45 - Service Impact

Engineers have identified the issue and a resolution has been successfully applied. All services are now testing operational.

09 Dec 2022 - 09:00 - Service Impact

Investigation is ongoing

09 Dec 2022 - Service Impact

We are presently investigating an issue that is affecting service for a number of clients. the investigation is ongoing at this time and we will update on progress again in due course
We apologise for the disruption


Maintenance Complete

15 Sep 23:00
The previously advised maintenance has been completed without issue. A legacy piece of hardware did reboot during the migration and this has been removed.
All services are now restored but should clients believe they are experiencing any issues in conjunction with this maintenance, please contact Securus support through the normal channels for assistance

Thank You

Maintenance Notification

We are planning further capacity increases into the core network and have a requirement for a maintenance window from 10pm till 12pm on the 15th of September 2022. Services will be seen as ‘at risk’ for the duration, however, impact on live service is expected to be minimal.

Whilst we undertake this window are also taking the opportunity to update our Wifi platform, so if you are a customer that uses us for your Wifi, this service may fluctuate during the window.

As always, any issues seen post the 12pm finish, please log with our support team as normal on 03451 283458.

Thank you


Historical Events

Maintenance Notification

*THIS MAINTENANCE COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY AT 23.30 on Wednesday 17th August 2022*
Should clients experience ongoing issues in relation to this maintenance we would ask you raise with the support team in the usual manner either by email to or contacting directly on 03451 283458. Thank you.

Securus will be undertaking maintenance on core equipment in Telehouse North from 22:00 on Wednesday 17th August until 02:00 on Thursday 18th August. This maintenance will involve updates to core equipment to enable us to provide additional functionality and capacity to customers. As this is a core node, customers should plan that their service will be at risk for the duration.

Should any issue persist after the maintenance is completed, please raise a ticket in the normal way, by contacting support on 03451 283458 or emailing

Thank you for your continued support and custom,


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