Seven Use Cases where Low Latency is Key

February 22, 2024By Brett RoweAutomotive, Data security, Technology

With the ongoing demand for real-time business-critical applications like voice, video and the metaverse, the demand on network performance has intensified. Low latency is critical to all size of organisations because it directly influences the responsiveness and performance of systems, applications and networks. What is low, or network, latency? Network latency is a delay in … Read More

Endpoint Protection and Why You Need it

February 23, 2023By Brett RoweCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

Whilst remote and hybrid working models proved effective during the global pandemic, they also opened up a range of challenges for IT and cyber security departments. Today’s workplace comprises a combination of office-based, remote and hybrid workers who are increasingly using their personal devices in order to work remotely, from anywhere.

Using EPP For Apple and Android Mobile Devices

August 25, 2022By Andrew RadfordEndpoint Security, Technology

The recent global expansion of remote working has seen mobile device usage and cloud computing grow faster than security technologies can evolve. Consequently, cybercriminals target Apple and Android mobile devices to exploit any known or day-zero security gaps.  Up to 90% of a large corporation’s workforce is now remote. These mobile devices will become more … Read More

8 Reasons Your Business Needs Endpoint Protection Right Now

July 18, 2022By Andrew RadfordEndpoint Security, Technology

Companies are seeing a rapid increase of remote working devices connected to their enterprise network, making the benefits of endpoint protection a must rather than a nice-to-have. More laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are getting connected than ever before. In addition, ‘smart factories’ and ‘smart cities’ are bringing even more devices online, such as Internet … Read More

EPP vs EDR: Which Provides Best Protection?

October 25, 2021By Andrew RadfordCyber Security, Endpoint Security, Technology

The endpoints, or outer perimeters of your network, have no doubt multiplied over the last two or three years as your mobile workforce has expanded. Providing security for these endpoints has become a challenge due to these ever-increasing numbers requiring both security monitoring and updates. While every security vendor touts its own proprietary technology, the … Read More