PoS Malware & RAM Scraping: A Retailer’s Nightmare

March 17, 2023By Brett RoweCyber Security, Technology

Retail PoS (point of sale) systems are responsible for processing customers’ payments and are able to scan credit cards so that customers don’t have to pay with cash. As a society, we generally carry far less cash today, relying more on debit or credit cards as a convenient, fast and ostensibly secure form of payment.

9 Major Types of Malware Payload (Quick Guide)

November 29, 2022By Andrew RadfordTechnology

In the post-Covid era of mobile computing, an increasing number of different types of malware are being used by cybercriminal gangs. Even after offices reopened their doors, remote workforces are still expanding, creating more endpoints on every network. More users and endpoints mean more opportunities for hackers to deploy their malware. What’s more, attack types … Read More